Wireless Networks

Wireless Networks

With the prolific growth of mobility in the workforce, users are demanding anytime, anywhere access to computing capability and corporate applications; the boundaries between home and office are diminishing.  With a diverse array of devices, connections and applications, there is a challenge to effectively deploy, secure and manage mobility in your workforce.

Free your people with our wireless connections

Key benefits

  • No restrictions on where and how people work or collaborate
  • No limits on number of users
  • Convenient connectivity for visitors
  • High speed connections for easy file sharing and transfer

A wireless network is a basic requirement for most modern offices, providing flexibility in terms of where and how your people work – but speed and quality can differ enormously depending on your choice of system.

Today’s best of breed wireless systems are highly secure, allowing you to provide high-speed connections without compromising on the security of your company data. You can control who is connected to your wireless through at-a-glance management consoles, block individual devices, and access detailed analytics to help you keep your company ticking over smoothly.

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