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Wireless Networks

Stay on the go – anytime, anywhere

The growth in mobility has increasingly redefined ‘work’ as something you do rather than a place you go to. The result for businesses is a constant demand for anytime, anywhere access to computing resources, data, and corporate tools.

Attracting and retaining the right talent can, therefore, be dependent on an ability to effectively deploy, secure, and manage a mobile workforce. Where complexity enters the picture is in the need to do this consistently across different devices, connections, and apps.

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Wireless networks with Tek-nology Solutions: 3 key benefits

  • Remove any restrictions on how and where people access internal systems
  • Ensure simple and easy connectivity for visitors with no limit on user numbers
  • Deliver high-speed connections for easy file sharing and transfer

What’s involved?

The first step is to assess your existing wireless network, and how it’s able to cope with the working practices of employees both in the office and out ‘in the field’. We’ll also talk through with you the speed and quality of connectivity required, and expectations for how this could change (and be managed) in the future.

To this we’ll also add in the security dimension, and talk through ways to control access to your company apps and data. Included here will be an exploration of the analytics that best underpins these activities and other recommendations for running ‘smart’. Finally we’ll collate all the information together and present you with the solution, including suggestions and recommendations, as well as accurate pricing for the cost of getting started.

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