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Infrastructure Migrations and Management

Extracting the full potential of your investments

Cloud is and remains a hot topic in IT, with its promise of reducing capital expenditure, and affording businesses a ‘pay only for what you use’ financial model. It’s a solution that can deliver a host of business benefits, but only if managed carefully.

Not that the cloud is right for every business. Issues around control, security, and where to host core systems, the ‘crown jewels’ of your IT environment, mean that for many an on-site infrastructure actually delivers more long-term value.

Whatever your preference, the cost of hardware and software makes it relatively easy to identify and deliver significant savings. Where we can help is in guiding your decisions to ensure budget is spent where it’s needed most, with an emphasis on productivity and performance, plus our migration and management services mean we are with you at every step through the roll-out and beyond

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Infrastructure migrations with Tek-nology Solutions: 3 key benefits

  • Build greater agility and resilience into your IT infrastructure
  • Find the payment and service arrangements that best fit demand
  • Improve accessibility for all users across any device and any location

Deliver measurable value

With Tek-nology Solutions’ help, you’ll find that the numbers soon add up. For example, by boosting the productivity of individual users, and multiplying the resulting gain of time and money across the workforce, you’ll quickly have a real-world cost saving to show for your efforts.

Not that we’d stop there of course, as there are many other ‘low hanging fruit’ to focus in on. Take virtualised servers which can now carry the workload of multiple old ones, thereby helping reduce energy consumption while transforming the speed by which people access and interact with data.

This is the value of expert advice. Of knowing that your future investment decisions will deliver the required business impact, address weaknesses, and ramp up service delivery. Better still, you’ll be doing all this and more – with the same (or even less) budget.

What’s involved?

The process involved is relatively simple: we’ll identify those aspects of your infrastructure that will benefit from an upgrade, and in doing so will highlight the value such a move would create. For example:

  • Wireless: where the demand for greater speed and reliability, alongside initiatives like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), can shape demand for a more robust and sophisticated system
  • Connectivity: where the transformation in working practices brought about by new cloud services etc. move your bandwidth requirements beyond ADSL
  • Servers: reducing the risk of failure here, particularly for machines over 5 years old, can be a big play in business continuity – hence the value of increased warranties or upgrades
  • Cabling and wiring: progress in networking speeds (we’re not far away from seeing 10Gb networking become the standard for offices) is driving the need for significant upgrades
  • Monitors: where the act of providing employees with two monitors can give a huge boost to productivity – for a relatively small cost
  • Licensing: knowing how to structure license agreements and negotiate future demand can deliver sizeable savings while also delivering fresh capabilities

Once we have this information, we’ll sit down with you to talk options, and to provide our recommendations for your next steps. To help you make the best decision, we’ll also provide these suggestions with a clear appraisal of cost versus benefit – as well as costs aligned to your budget and delivery timeframes.

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