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IT & Disaster Recovery

Tackling risk head on

There are fast and efficient ways to recover from any technology failure, based on clearly developed planning and robust backups. Then there are the inefficient ways, where businesses spend invaluable time trying to work out what’s happened and what the impact is.

At Tek-nology Solutions we help clients deliver the former, through the implementation of multi-layered defences to protect both your data and wider business operation. To do that we utilise a proven disaster recovery review method to identify and mitigate all risks considered ‘unacceptable’.

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Disaster recovery with Tek-nology Solutions: 3 key benefits

  • Gain an independent assessment of all risks faced by your business
  • Document processes to ensure a swift and efficient recovery of your data
  • Determine recovery times, critical path and all dependencies

What’s involved?

There exist a number of established routes to safeguarding your business and introducing effective business continuity and disaster recovery procedures. To find the one that works best for your business, we’ll review what you have, assess your IT environment, and create a solid recovery plan to include:

  • The required backup capabilities and recovery capabilities required
  • An analysis of your infrastructure, including core systems, services, and interdependencies
  • Recommendations for what you could be doing to mitigate risks in the future

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