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Keeping the focus on value

When it comes to big thinking, IT consultancy, and strategy services, you’ll find that it’s our philosophy as well as our behaviour that marks Tek-nology Solutions out – and underpins all our client partnerships.

From strategic guidance on future technology requirements to delivering a new solution or on-going support, we put think business need first and technology solution second. We believe this mindset leads to a focus on value rather than capability and enables us to deliver the highest levels of client satisfaction.

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Dave Graesser, our Chairman, explains:

 “A key part of our ethos is the approach we take in understanding client needs.

We believe that any IT decision or investment should be driven by business needs.

A high level of technical expertise and customer service should be a ‘given’ for any established IT business.

Our clients choose to partner with us year after year due to our ‘business first, technology second’ approach and first class customer service.”

What’s involved?

The first task is to sit down and openly discuss what you want to achieve, and what a supporting infrastructure needs to deliver. We’ll also get to know how your business is structured, the processes you work to, the people and customers in place.

Only when we have answers to these types of questions can we define an IT strategy for your business that incorporates:

  • A detailed breakdown that closely aligns what you need with the services and outputs your business wants to deliver
  • A step-by-step plan for bridging any gaps between where you are today and where you want to be
  • A commitment to ensuring that the IT support you receive helps complement and inspire business performance, rather that dictating it

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