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Web Security

Make the most of your internet connection

Users in your business need access to the internet to do their jobs, but providing such access can also be the source of various infections entering your IT network. The question is how to restrict this threat without impacting productivity.

The answer can frequently be Web Security or Content Control Software to help control the websites your employees can visit, particularly those known to be a source of malware.

This is software that’s easy to deploy, easy to use, and easy to tailor to the needs of your business. Available as a standalone solution or as part of an overall security package, the solution uses intelligent filters that secure devices against websites considered to be a source of possible threats to your company.

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Web security with Tek-nology Solutions: 3 key benefits

  • Gain detailed reporting on your business’ web usage.
  • Ensure controlled and filtered web access
  • Deliver protection against online threats including malware and spyware

What’s involved?

Deploying software may be a solution, but before then we need to identify exactly what you need and what the capabilities will need to do. That’s why Tek-nology Solutions can be relied upon to:

  • Review your online security protocols to identify any potential weaknesses
  • Understand the behaviour you want to encourage and web access you want to provide
  • Make recommendations on the appropriate solution to meet this need
  • Train your employees about online threats and how to identify them
  • Monitor and manage systems, or empower your IT team to do so

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