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Preventative Maintenance

Capacity management – pro-active fault monitoring

Tek-nology Solutions’ ‘Preventative Maintenance Service’ offers pro-active monitoring and support for key components of your IT systems and network infrastructure including your server systems. We are working with a broad cross section of our client base, undertaking systematic inspection, detection and correction, seeking to optimise network and systems performance. This early identification of a problem enables Tek-nology Solutions to apply the appropriate response mechanisms to prevent the onset of more significant issues that lead to unplanned downtime and business interruption.

Tek-nology Solutions clients have access to three components of our ‘Preventative Maintenance’ service:

  • Alerting
  • Trend Reporting
  • Updates to software/firmware

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1) Alerting

Minimising interruption to your business by pro-actively highlighting and efficiently resolving potential problems.

With proactive fault identification, fault management and service restoration, your critical network server systems are monitored 24x7 to ensure problems are identified at the earliest opportunity.

Checking service availability and logs in real-time, we establish if a pre-defined threshold has been reached or an underlying potential issue has been identified. Our Helpdesk takes the appropriate course of action to any network device performance issues.

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2) Trend reporting

Offering insightful capacity management reporting data to aid decision making, depicted in the form of graphs and tables.

With continuous 24x7 real-time monitoring of performance data, Tek-nology Solutions’ reporting tool provides access, via a web interface, to historic performance data. This may relate to trends on data growth, CPU/ memory/ disk utilisation, and service availability, for example. This data intelligence, can be incorporated as part of your planning process to assist with decision making, for example, capacity planning.

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3) Updates to software/firmware

Helping to secure and protect your business.

Tek-nology Solutions’ Update Service includes installation of minor version software updates, service packs, security patches and firmware upgrades for your server systems and firewalls.

This pro-active approach ensures:

  • Your systems are appropriately maintained and up-to-date
  • The risk of malicious attack is reduced through fixes to security vulnerabilities and holes as well as resolutions to known and identified software bugs
  • Improved system performance

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