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Professional service delivered on a personal level

Dave Graesser and his team at Tek-nology Solutions have provided us with a truly professional service delivered on a personal level. Tek-nology Solutions have supported and advised our company since January 1999 by providing us with stable and reliable IT systems ensuring business continuity in a world and marketplace that can ill afford downtime and loss of critical business data.

Tek-nology Solutions are professional, reliable and accessible, which crucially supports our Company's reputation for service and response, helping give us the edge over the competition within our own market sector.

IT Consultancy & Services

Having held discussions with a number of consultancies about the complex issues we were facing, we ultimately chose to entrust Tek-nology Solutions with the responsibility of maintaining our services to the arts venue community throughout Birmingham.

The decision was based on the fact that not only were they able to offer knowledge and experience in IT that is second to none, but also for the fact that they actually cared. The commercial expertise and all round business acumen that Tek-nology Solutions Director Dave Graesser was able to afford to us in taking on the temporary role as CEO, not only ensured that our service continued efficiently, but also allowed our key staff to continue in their roles, retaining a number of clients going forwards.

The results speak for themselves and I’m sure that all parties would agree that our decision has been fully vindicated by a job well done.

Technical Support and Help Desk

Tek-nology Solutions is an organisation that came to the timely take over of our technical support and Help Desk function in peril. It is never easy taking over mid stream but Tek-nology Solutions management, under Dave Graesser, quickly assessed the needs of the client base and delivered a seamless solution that enabled the clients to continue their business operation effectively. Staff management is excellent ensuring loss of key skilled staff is negligible.

Our organisation is currently operating within a change environment with strict time constraints. Tek-nology Solutions is effectively project managing our transition. I look forward to using the services of Tek-nology Solutions for the foreseeable future.

Server Changes

I have attached three testimonials referring to the post implementation of the server changes that Tek-nology Solutions undertook last month. In recent conversation I hope that I have made clear to you just how pleased I was with the support of Tek-nology Solutions with regard to the above. The introduction of new servers for file and mail at two of our sites over the weekend, together with the introduction of a single domain, was undoubtedly the most significant implementation our company has undergone and certainly the most successful.

The professionalism, ability and the 'can do' attitude that Tek-nology Solutions demonstrated during this period was second to none. Subsequently the support has been first class and I am sure we can continue to work together to achieve more success for both our companies in the future.


Just a note to say how pleased I am with the new system. As somebody who is not in the office on a regular basis, I externally access our system at least three or four times a day. Of late, the system has worked perfectly with none of the disruptions we used to previously experience. The system in the office seems much quicker than it used to, only to be expected I suppose, so all seems well. Well done.


Further to our discussion a few weeks ago I would like to confirm my comments regarding the server changes earlier this year. As I said to you the communication prior to the changes and the subsequent implementation were 'seamless' in my view. We have all lived through such changes where important things like printer set-up, passwords or files structures are not operational immediately after the change. In this case I personally didn't even notice that it had happened on the first morning booting up. Thanks for the smooth implementation.

Technical Director

Just a quick note to congratulate you on a job well done. The recent servers project was a great success. I was expecting to come in Monday and have my computer out of action and I was pleasantly surprised as the norm used to be no computers for a couple of days. Thanks

Supplies Co-Ordinator

Server Systems

In January 2008 Tek-nology Solutions undertook a project to upgrade our server systems. This project was delivered on time, on budget and with minimal disruption to the operation of our IT systems. The minor teething problems which arose were all resolved swiftly and, following the project, our IT systems are now more efficient and robust than was previously the case.

From April 2008 we will be using Tek-nology Solutions to support all of the Company's IT systems and we look forward to working with them for many years to come.

I am happy to recommend Tek-nology Solutions to any prospective client.

Network operating systems, software and workstations

We are a professional institute based in Birmingham with an International membership. I would like to express our complete satisfaction with work carried out by Tek-nology Solutions in updating our network operating systems, software and workstations. Their friendly and helpful staff carried out the work efficiently and on time and with the minimum of disruption and the system has worked perfectly from day one.

Tek are currently working on the creation of a new membership database and again they are fully committed to providing a system which will fulfil our needs in a very friendly professional manner.

We have formed a good relationship with Tek-nology Solutions and feel confident, for the first time, with our IT systems and we would have no hesitation in recommending Tek-nology Solutions to anyone looking for IT solutions.

Installation, ongoing support and maintenance

I would like to express my satisfaction at the service I have received from Tek-nology Solutions. Having tried the services of several other IT companies in the past, it was a relief to find a company [Tek-nology Solutions] with the knowledge and experience to resolve the problems we had been continually experiencing with our server.

Tek-nology Solutions successfully addressed these problems through re-installing our server - resolving the problems we had been experiencing and saving us from continually carrying out 'fire-fighting' activity on the network. In addition to the efficiency savings produced, this has further reduced our support and ongoing maintenance costs.

A further project successfully implemented by Tek-nology Solutions was the installation of our Virtual Private Network - allowing our mobile users to securely connect to our network from home or other remote locations.

I am, therefore, very satisfied with the service I continue to receive from Tek-nology Solutions in addressing our IT requirements, relating to both the installation of new kit and the ongoing support and maintenance of our systems. I would be pleased to recommend their services to others.

Servers and Workstations Operating Systems Upgrade

I am writing to express my satisfaction at the excellent service we received from Tek-nology Solutions when they upgraded our Network Operating Systems software for Servers and Workstations recently.

Their friendly, knowledgeable and efficient staff completed the project on time without any major problems and our systems have performed perfectly from day one. I was on holiday leave for a week just after completion, and for the first time ever I did not receive even a single support call from my office while I was away!

I would recommend Tek-nology Solutions without any reservation for similar projects in the future.

Reliable, competitive, and excellent service on projects

Tek-nology Solutions has successfully undertaken several projects for us over the last few years. From our initial requirement for a rapid response to a business critical IT problem, Tek-nology Solutions have proved themselves both resourceful and flexible in addressing our varied IT requirements.

Tek-nology Solutions are reliable and competitive, providing myself with an excellent service on projects which have included the disaster recovery of our Novell NetWare server that serves around 70 users, with no data loss whatsoever.

Further projects include the data cabling of our listed building, the installation of a new touch-screen till system linked to back-office systems, migration of our Novell NetWare server from old to new hardware and ongoing support.

In my opinion Tek-nology Solutions's technical expertise and professional manner during all aspects, from initial contact to providing the final solution is second to none. I therefore have no hesitation in giving Tek-nology Solutions my full recommendation and look forward to using their services again in the near future.

School Network & Servers - Upgrade & Support

Tek-nology Solutions were asked at the beginning of this summer to come up with a proposal to maintain the network and servers at our school. As part of the proposal, they undertook a full audit of the system in the school and made some recommendations as to how the network could be improved.

Since then they have coordinated several projects. The first was the installation of a new server, together with a complete overhaul of backup provision. Another was some major upgrades on the network to create a gigabit backbone.

These projects were undertaken professionally and have resulted in very successful outcomes. We found the staff of Tek-nology Solutions helpful and flexible. The first project in particular involved working to fixed deadlines, and Tek-nology Solutions responded by their staff working late in the evenings and at weekends to meet the deadlines.

In addition they have provided us with support - both remotely and on site. Whenever we have had to contact them they have responded quickly and effectively. We would be pleased to recommend them.

Professional, knowledgeable, helpful

Rarely do I deal with 3rd party support companies who 'care' so much about the final customer, for me it's a quite common scenario and the co-operation is normally poor to fair, but very clearly in your case it is excellent. Every single person I spoke to in Tek-nology Solutions (without exception) knew I would be calling, knew who I was, what I was calling about and most importantly bent over backwards to help me.

From first hand experience you deliver what you promise.

Professional, knowledgeable, helpful and very 'human' to a fellow professional.

Security Issues sorted & great customer service

I just wanted to drop you a line of thanks regarding your customer service over the last couple of weeks.

You sorted out the security issue regarding the Sage Accounts a couple of weeks ago very quickly, and I gleaned information from one of your colleagues regarding our IP Address very quickly yesterday. And although we did have a slight email communication over the Wifi facility in one of our laptops, you sorted this out.

This is the sort of customer service I expect from companies and you have a great team behind you.

Server & Network Upgrade

Tek-nology Solutions have maintained our IT system since August 2004. Recently they undertook the replacement of our obsolete server operating system, the installation of 5 new PCs and the up-grading of the operating system on all our other networked PCs.

I am pleased to say that the whole task was completed with minimal disruption to our service and with far fewer resulting problems than I had anticipated. Tek-nology Solutions took considerable trouble to identify our needs, and then work closely with us over the timetable. Most importantly, they kept to this timetable.

Their level of technical competence is very high, and their customer care first rate. Their staff are particularly good at explaining options and making suggestions in language which can be readily understood by the non expert. This gives the client confidence in an area where trust is vital in the professionalism of the service being delivered.

Microsoft Terminal Services - fast & flexible

I am writing to express my satisfaction with the recent installation and configuration of Microsoft Terminal Services undertaken by Tek-nology Solutions Limited. I would like to thank the team for the excellent service provided.

We had a requirement to run Microsoft Access across the Internet and had been unable to achieve this effectively - for example; it was taking up to two minutes to open records in our Database. Tek-nology Solutions recommended the use of Terminal Services to allow us to run the MS Access database from remote locations, over the internet.

The installation was carried out quickly and efficiently and the engineer was very clear and knowledgeable with his explanations. Since installing their solution, we are now able to effectively run the required database from remote locations - achieved at speeds as fast as if we are using the database in the office. This has resulted in improved efficiency and enabled us to realistically work with the database, even when we are not in the office.

We would be happy to recommend your services to other companies in the future and we wish you all the best.

Remote support - more efficient and flexible

Tek-nology Solutions have provided us with IT solutions and support services for a number of years - assisting us with our varied requirements.

Initially, Tek-nology Solutions met our support needs through either telephone support - or, where required, prompt attendance by an engineer to our offices. Since early 2003, the support services provided to us by Tek-nology Solutions have been significantly enhanced - with the implementation of remote control software. This means that we now benefit from even more efficient and flexible support - with the ability for many issues to be resolved remotely.

With many issues now resolved remotely, we have benefited from significantly reduced costs - through minimising the need for an on-site visit - as well as the additional benefits of a quicker response to our support queries. In just one example of how this has benefited us - when our Sage Line 100 accounts data experienced file corruption that could not be fixed by our accounts third-party support company - Tek-nology Solutions were able to remotely restore the data in only 10-15 minutes.

I would like to acknowledge the above benefits that we have identified from using the remote support services from Tek-nology Solutions Ltd - and would be happy to recommend their services to others.

Windows Server Installation & other projects

We recently commissioned Tek-nology Solutions to upgrade our network and to build and install new Windows servers for us.

Having been disappointed by other suppliers we contacted Tek-nology Solutions, who responded with commitment and dedication. The whole process was very well managed from start to finish, and was conducted in a very friendly professional manner, but also with a calmness and attention to detail. Needless to say the installation has been a success.

Since then we have also had cause to enlist their help with another urgent problem. Tek-nology Solutions once again showed a commitment to helping us at extremely short notice, and got the issues resolved with a minimum of fuss and disruption.

We have formed a very good relationship with Tek-nology Solutions, who we have found to be reliable, knowledgeable, and friendly. They are now working with us on developing other projects, and we would definitely recommend their services to others.

Flexible and quality of service excellent

Tek-nology Solutions have undertaken a number of key projects for us - including the installation of our Microsoft Windows Server based network - and we have been impressed by the professionalism and dedication of their staff.

Tek-nology Solutions have always been flexible and the quality of their service excellent - providing us with a prompt and reliable response to our support needs.

We would have no hesitation in commissioning Tek-nology Solutions to deliver future projects and would recommend their services to others.

Office Move Project Management

I am writing to voice our appreciation for the services that you have provided to us over the last couple of years. We have received great service and support from you during this time - especially with helping to minimise the upheaval of our office moves. By handing over the responsibility of Project Managing the move of equipment and services to Tek-nology Solutions, it enabled us to concentrate on other areas and deal with our normal daily tasks. It gave us great peace of mind knowing that you were taking care of everything from our IT, Audio Visual equipment, and phone systems right through to the basics like the cabling and even furniture for our new offices. Throughout the move, Tek-nology Solutions were available to provide support when needed and to ensure that the move went smoothly and any questions were addressed. In Tek-nology Solutions we have found a company that is there when we need them and who can provide a variety of services to fulfil our needs - all under one roof.


Very Satisfied - Installations, Advice & Support

I would like to express my satisfaction with the services that have been provided to us by Tek-nology Solutions on an ongoing basis since March 1999. During that time, they have met our varied requirements, including an initial Novell server installation and a more recent server installation to Microsoft Windows Server. Both installations were carried out professionally and efficiently - and included the safe and complete transfer of our company data. With the systems running smoothly, we have benefited from minimal ongoing support costs - but when we have needed support, Tek-nology Solutions have always responded rapidly to our needs. In addition to advice and support on any upgrades or additions required to our systems, Tek-nology Solutions also manage our hardware maintenance contract - providing us with ongoing cover for our IT equipment. We would be happy to recommend the services of Tek-nology Solutions to others and hope to continue our ongoing working relationship.


New Windows Server Install

I would like to express my gratitude for the success of the recent project undertaken by Tek-nology Solutions that comprised of a replacement e-mail system and installation of a new Microsoft Windows Server. This work was undertaken to our specific requirements, demonstrating flexibility, commitment and the ability to adapt to meet our uncertain timescales and ultimately deliver the project on time. We would be happy to recommend the services of Tek-nology Solutions to others.


Professional service for office re-organisation

I wanted to place on record our thanks for the professional service you provided during our recent office re-organisation. The work was carried out efficiently and on time and we would be happy to recommend you to any prospective clients.


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