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Mobile Device Management

Maintain control of all your data and devices

There’s a lot that the average mobile device needs to do these days, not least providing users with access to company apps and data. It’s the basis for workforce mobility, but also a unique access point into your inner sanctum – when lost or hacked.

Countering this risk require vigorous Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) capabilities. What these offer is the ability to control mobile access to your core systems, irrespective of device.

As your provider of MDM & MAM solutions and services, we’ll help you match specific MDM systems to the realities of your mobile working practices. That means you’ll be able to roll out specific security and access policies across all devices, and to deny access to those lost or no longer related to the business – alongside the ability to remotely wipe data in an emergency.

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MDM with Tek-nology Solutions: 3 key benefits

  • Management security policies, apps, devices, and data from one location
  • Comply with security regulations to safeguard customer data
  • Maintain easy data backup and restoration

What’s involved?

Introducing MDM into your business can be a relatively quick and simple process:

  • First we’ll review with you existing work practices, security procedures, and the types of devices you want to allow access
  • Second comes the ‘developing policy’ part, where we’ll help you develop a sensible and flexible application management framework that enables all your users to access the apps they need to work effectively
  • Third comes the implementation phase and rolling out the policies, management processes, and end user educations across all your employees and devices

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