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Remote Working

Enabling home-based productivity

Providing an efficient and secure remote working solution for your team means embracing a range of technologies. Plus you’ll need to keep up to date as these technologies evolve.

You’ll want to maintain productivity, efficiency & security so that your staff can work from home while at the same time minimising the impact to your team and your systems. Your needs could include video & voice telephony, remote access, collaboration tools, security software and more.

Why choose Tek-nology Solutions? We are a solutions provider with a difference. When working with you, we adopt a “business first, technology second approach” to build a remote access platform that supports your business, rather than provide IT that dictates how you can operate.

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Remote working with Tek-nology Solutions:
3 key benefits

  • Virtual desktop gives you at-home access to all your business applications
  • Cloud-based telephony brings office efficiency to your home phone/mobile
  • Enterprise-level security to protect your IT systems and software

How does it work?

So that we know what needs to connect to where, we begin by reviewing your systems, processes and devices. We’ll discuss your remote work requirements with you then design a solution that fits your business needs. For example, we can provide: 

  1. Feature-rich cloud-based telephony; providing you and your callers the same experience regardless of your location
  2. Virtual desktop; providing access to all your business applications regardless of location or device
  3. Cost-effective “work from anywhere” solutions using public clouds
  4. Collaboration through tools such as Microsoft Teams
  5. Cloud-based security to provide enterprise protection regardless of the device location

Once the design is agreed, we’ll build your solution and roll it out.

What are the costs?

There can be many different components to a remote working project, depending on business needs. This means we provide consulting costs on a project-by-project basis.

Maintenance, support and licensing fees etc can be built into whichever of our managed services you choose.

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