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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Keep running whatever the world throws at you

The first warning sign of any problem with your IT is simply that things stop working. Panic can then set in as key tasks remain uncompleted, customers start ringing up, and the management team demand to “know what’s happening”.

It can, of course, be a challenge to identify the root cause behind any issue. There can be any number of reasons why technology fails. What’s important is having a plan (and a solution) to recover from such a mishap, and one that extends way beyond just backing up your data.

A good backup and disaster recovery service helps ensure you’ll know exactly what to do, how, when, and why – alongside personal roles and responsibilities – to protect core assets and have the business up and running as quickly as possible.

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Disaster recovery with Tek-nology Solutions: 3 key benefits

  • Put in place clearly documented recovery processes
  • Determine the best approach to securing data and information
  • Protect employee productivity and minimise downtime

What’s involved?

Our first goal in any scenario is to perform an audit of all your systems. The intention here being to assess the risks, and to prioritise them by potential and severity, before delivering this insight back to you.

Once this assessment is completed, you’ll have a couple of options. The first is that you work with Tek-nology Solutions to plan through and document suitable disaster recovery processes. The second is that we integrate your critical systems into our managed service offering, meaning we take ownership of managing your recovery plans.

An important end point is developing a documented disaster response plan for each system and service. These can include technical solutions, processes, ‘people actions’, or a varied mix.  In addition, we’ll also make recommendations for mitigating risk by highlighting useful improvements to your network or infrastructure.

What does it cost?

We’d love to offer a ‘one cost fits all’ price for removing the headache of Backup & Disaster Recovery. But the truth is that such work can only be assessed on a project-by-project basis due to the intricacies, scale, and shape of your existing IT environment.

That said we’re highly experienced in the subject and can quickly determine what you need, including tools and services, as well as the fees involved. From this we’ll present you with options and detailed cost breakdowns.

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