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Outsourced IT Director

Right skills, right experience, right time

Knowledge costs money. For many of our clients, their size and maturity also means they’re not quite ready to pay the big bucks for full time experts across a range of functions. As a result they can be in the market for outsourced resources able to step in and make a big difference.

The mission set these individuals can be a tough one: from delivering short-term gains to building long-term capabilities able to take a business to the next level: it’s about bringing unique experiences to bear in creating an IT strategy set for future growth.

Which is exactly where Tek-nology can help. Working together we’ll help make sure you’re delivering the capabilities demanded by employees (and customers) today – while preparing the way for embracing innovative new technologies as and when you’re ready.

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Outsourced IT Director with Tek-nology Solutions: 3 key benefits:

  • Ensure a robust IT roadmap is aligned to your business objectives
  • Gain detailed technical requirements and recommendations for meeting them
  • Maintain oversight on all key technical decisions

What’s involved?

The first step is to find out and confirm the exact skills and knowledge gap you need filling. The second is to deep dive the specifics of your business to help speed our ‘time to value’. From there we’ll quickly jump into action to deliver:

  • An initial audit of all your policies and procedures
  • Advice for standardising costs and making the most of your existing assets
  • Close engagement with your IT and Information Security Management teams
  • Guidance on the design and planning of all major infrastructure changes
  • In-depth support for managing existing suppliers and negotiating contract renewals

Throughout the engagement we’ll keep the emphasis on practical, hands-on insight and measurable results. You’ll therefore be confident that existing investments are being put to full use, and that a complete strategy exists for acquiring powerful new capabilities.

In other words, all the benefits of having your own IT director, without the huge associated costs and commitment.

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