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Business Continuity

Remove the fear of downtime

Downtime is of course bad news for any business. It stops you working; causes panic, and can even compromise your company’s reputation with clients if it becomes a regular occurrence. What’s more it costs money to have people sitting around or searching for the fix.

Avoiding downtime is, therefore, a high priority, and our business continuity services are designed to deliver high availability across your key IT systems. This is an approach that goes beyond Disaster Recovery and requires a detailed management plan for what to do when (and if) a problem hits home.

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Business continuity with Tek-nology Solutions: 3 key benefits

  • Install a clear strategy for maintaining business operations in any eventuality
  • Detail response plans for reacting effectively to any issue
  • Determine the right level of support for each individual system

What’s involved?

After gaining a detailed understanding of how your business operates, the priorities in play, and underlying IT resources, we’ll develop a comprehensive business continuity plan that includes:

  • A categorisation of all your systems, ranked by risk, stability, and importance
  • An assessment of business-critical systems, people, and functions
  • Recommendations for the support and processes needed to keep them functioning
  • The role technology can play in supporting the business through a crisis
  • Suggestions for future investments, accurately priced, to reduce your risk position

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