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Office Moves

Ensure a seamless transition each time, every time

One aspect of business change that can have a long-lasting impact on operations is the need to move offices. If not handled effectively the results of an office relocation can be highly disruptive to your company and result in costly downtime, a collapse in user productivity, and unhappy customers.

Getting an office move right starts with understanding the ‘big picture’ in terms of the technology you need to move over, and the many inter-dependencies involved. Making that happen requires dedicated planning and open communication with all involved.

At Tek-nology Solutions our services  offer just that. Our planning process helps ensure you can make the move confident that critical IT systems will be up and running to schedule. We’ll calculate risks, define ways to avoid them, and manage the entire migration process on your behalf – or deliver specific elements of the process in line with other providers.

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Office moves with Tek-nology Solutions: 3 key benefits

  • Minimise downtime with tasks completed outside working hours
  • Ensure the careful maintenance of essential systems
  • Experience reliable and informed infrastructure management

What’s involved?

To provide the reassurance that you’re next office move is going to go through without issue.

A seamless transition is only achieved through meticulous planning.

  • Review your new premises - to confirm it can accommodate your infrastructure - and if not we’ll advise on what your options are
  • Focus on connectivity – to get you up and running fast we’ll test the new location before you make the move, and address any problems that arise
  • Place Leased Line/ADSL/FTTC orders – and manage them through to completion, thereby taking care of one of the longest lead times in any move
  • Manage the entire process – including close liaison with any other technology partners, and implementing contingency plans for critical services

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