The Rothschild Foundation, Waddesdon Manor: Secure, remote access through Citrix and improved business continuity solution

Case Studies

Theme: Business Continuity, Desktop Virtualisation, SAN-to-SAN Replication

Vendor: Citrix

Location: Buckinghamshire

Company Background

The Rothschild Foundation is a charity supporting arts and heritage, the environment and social welfare by awarding grants, fostering dialogue and debate, and through their support of Waddesdon Manor.

They have been a client since 1999 and we have developed a very strong working relationship with them since then, working on a broad range of projects.


Client quote

 “As we quickly reacted to lockdown/remote working restrictions across the Rothschild organisation, including the Waddesdon based charitable foundation, many of my peers from other charities and businesses were looking over our shoulders in envy at the resilience of our IT infrastructure as Tek-nology Solutions Limited were able to smoothly support us with scaling up our secure remote access with ease and pace."

Paul Hewes, Head of IT, The Rothschild Foundation, Waddesdon Manor


The Challenge and Solution

We introduced Citrix in 2007, with the purpose of extending the lifetime of older hardware,  replacing PCs with cheaper dumb terminals.

Acceptance and adoption of new technology is an important aspect of successful implementation and we worked closely with The Rothschild Foundation to help manage the integration of the new technology into daily working routines.

We also supported and secured remote working by implementing secure access with the use of Digipasses and One Time Passwords.

Business continuity is important to all organisations. The Rothschild Foundation operates across multiple buildings, linked by fibre, and we helped them to address their requirements for business continuity.

We designed and created a solution that replicates their business systems in two different locations providing real time replication.

The Results

This has ensured that their infrastructure has high levels of resilience and allows business continuity in the event of a disaster or planned maintenance.


In Summary

Our solutions provide resilience of their IT infrastructure and during Covid-19 related lockdowns, we were able to easily scale up their secure remote access to support the increased uptake of working from home.

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