Tek-nology Solutions Steps in and Resolves Two Week Server Downtime in Two Days

Case Study

Tek-nology Solutions Steps in and Resolves Two Week Server Downtime in Two Days

Case Studies

Theme: Disaster Recovery

Location: Buckinghamshire

Organisation Background

Since 1999, Tek-nology Solutions has worked with a Philanthropic Foundation, actively involved with the management of a National Trust property.  Central to the Foundation’s vision is the ongoing preservation, protection and improvement of this property for the benefit and enjoyment of the public.


The Challenge

Tek-nology Solutions was introduced to Philanthropic Foundation in 1999.  The organisation was facing failures with a Novell network server.  The network, supporting around 70 users at that time, was down and affecting all back-office business administration processes.  With the incumbent supplier unable to recover the situation still two weeks later, they proposed that the Foundation purchase a new Microsoft-based server.  It was at this point that Tek-nology Solutions was recommended.


The Solution

Within two hours of contact, Tek-nology Solutions’ Managing Director, Dave Graesser had packed an overnight bag and was on-site evaluating the server.  Although in a poor state, Dave was confident he would be able to get it back up and running


Over the next two-and-a-half days, Dave remained onsite, rebuilding and restoring the Novell server network. 


The Result

Dave was able to retrieve the data back from the failed server, rebuild the whole system and get the client back to the stable position it was in before the server went down.  There wasn’t even a need to recover data from the back-up tape, ensuring not a single day’s data was lost.


In Summary

This was the beginning of a business relationship that has seen Tek-nology Solutions work on a myriad of projects over the years, supporting the good work of the Philanthropic Foundation as it has grown to house new buildings, facilities and staff.


“At a moment’s notice, Tek-nology Solutions was on site.   Their willing, hands-on approach and technical expertise restored our operations.  They solved a serious problem that our incumbent was unable to, and all without any loss to data.


“Although we had no prior dealings with Tek-nology Solutions, we had a good recommendation, forging the relationship we continue to have today.”

Finance Director



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