Tek-nology Solutions Introduces Resilience into Philanthropic Foundation's SAN via Network RAID

Case Study

Tek-nology Solutions Introduces Resilience into Philanthropic Foundation's SAN via Network RAID

Case Studies

Theme: SAN-to-SAN Replication

Vendor: HP

Location: Buckinghamshire

Organisation Background

Since 1999, Tek-nology Solutions has worked with a Philanthropic Foundation, actively involved with the management of a National Trust property.  Central to the Foundation’s vision is the ongoing preservation, protection and improvement of this property for the benefit and enjoyment of the public.


The Challenge

Tek-nology Solutions was tasked with ensuring the client’s Storage Area Network (SAN) was resilient; making it highly available to provide protection from hardware failures or local environment disasters.


The Solution

The client has two HP storage systems, now configured together using ‘Network RAID’ to provide SAN-to-SAN replication, delivering the hardware and environmental protection required.  Since the two storage systems are located at separate sites on the estate, Tek-nology Solutions has been able to introduce geo-redundancy for an added layer of protection; a fibre backbone between the two locations enables the two storage systems to replicate in real-time.


The host servers are also designed as High Availability systems which, together with the SAN storage systems, are distributed across the two estate locations. 


The Result

The Foundation now has a tried and tested solution that provides the protection required to ensure hardware and geographical redundancy.  In the event of server hardware or SAN storage failure, the critical server roles supporting the client’s operations will continue to run on this now resilient platform designed to avoid any single points of failure.


Key Vendors/Technologies

  • HP P4500 (SAN)  
  • Network RAID
  • iSCSI
  • Microsoft Hyper-V with Live Migration


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