Pro-active Monitoring Service Helps Prevent Business Interruption and Downtime

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Pro-active Monitoring Service Helps Prevent Business Interruption and Downtime

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Theme: Preventative Maintenance

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Service Overview

Early identification of IT problems lies at the heart of Tek-nology Solutions’ ‘Preventative Maintenance’ service.  Through pro-active monitoring, we ensure the appropriate response mechanisms are in place to prevent the onset of more significant issues that lead to unplanned downtime and business interruption.


The emphasis is placed on identifying potential issues to aid rectification rather than experiencing a reactive situation which is more difficult and costly to manage.  The service falls into three components – alerting – trend reporting – updates to firmware/software.


Client Example

A broad cross-section of our client base subscribes to this service including a longstanding, Midlands-based manufacturer.


With an unexpected server reboot, unbeknown to the manufacturer, Tek-nology Solutions was alerted to the problem.  Having investigated and advised the client, Tek-nology Solutions’ team of technical experts were on hand to respond to the alert and an onsite fix was provided to prevent the problem reoccurring.  This is just one typical example of the way in which the Preventative Maintenance service offers an alert mechanism.


“Tek-nology Solutions’ Preventative Maintenance service has helped to minimise disruptions to our business operations – a predictable fee, far outweighs the onset of breakdowns and unavailability of IT systems.  This ensures employee productivity is maintained.”

IT Technician


Tek-nology Solutions’ Preventative Maintenance service includes:

  • Pro-active fault identification, fault management and service restoration
  • Critical network server systems monitored 24x7
  • Pre-defined threshold monitoring to alert to underlying potential issues (checking service availability and system logs)
  • Trend reporting – offering insightful capacity management data graphs to aid decision making
  • 24 x 7 real-time monitoring of performance data – including historical, relating to trends on data growth, CPU/memory/disk utilisation and service availability for example, to feed in to decision making processes
  • Updates to software/firmware to ensure your systems are maintained, up-to-date and are at a reduced risk from malicious attack


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