Modern Email Security Solutions Help Protect Clients from Evolving Threats

Case Study

Modern Email Security Solutions Help Protect Clients from Evolving Threats

Case Studies

Theme: Email Security

Vendor: Clearswift, Websense

Location: Variety of locations

The Background

Tek-nology Solutions works with a wide range of clients to provide email security solutions that address needs at an individual component level or as part of a wider content control solution – whether deployed in the cloud, or on an appliance.


The Challenge

Avoiding viruses and filtering spam remains a necessity to prevent damaging security breaches.  Typical email security solutions have failed to keep abreast of evolving threats – outdated methods to identify phishing emails encouraging you to link to infected websites, blended email/web threats that lead to malware infection, and inappropriate employee activity leading to data loss. The need for modern email security defences is not a need but a must.


The Solution

Tek-nology Solutions works with a range of established vendors and is therefore well positioned to offer clients the very best solution for their individual needs - whether that be, for example, a trusted appliance-based solution from Clearswift, or a cloud hosted email security service from Websense.  At Tek-nology Solutions, we discuss your requirements and recommend the most suitable solution based on our knowledge and close links with a range of leading vendors.


The Results

“Our Websense solution from Tek-nology Solutions has been simple to implement with nothing to install onsite.” 


“Reducing the cost and complexities associated with email protection led us to the solution from Tek-nology Solutions.”


“The email security solution from Tek-nology Solutions forms part of our security strategy.”


 “Retaining control is easy with 24/7 access and flexible customisation of policies, configuration settings, quarantine management, and reporting.”


“The Clearswift solution offers granular policy controls.  With an intuitive web GUI, it is easy to configure features and functions.”



In Summary

Email forms part of the backbone to most organisations’ operations – it needs to remain secure through modern email security defences that tackle today’s evolving threats.


In addition, web security plays an important role in ensuring a robust security strategy.  At Tek-nology Solutions, we work with vendors to offer both email and web security solutions, ensuring your organisation is prepared for blended security threats.

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