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Managed Services

Using our managed IT services to run your infrastructure for you is a great way of reducing downtime to near zero, while getting expert advice on the most efficient infrastructure to meet your business needs.

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Key benefits:

  • Predictable IT performance
  • Costs that only grow as you grow
  • Active monitoring to prevent problems
How does it work?

Managed Services means that, being your support solutions provider, we assume responsibility for monitoring and managing your selected IT systems for a fixed fee. This ensures that all your systems are kept up to date and prevents problems before they occur, while keeping your IT spend predictable and manageable.

  • You tell us which systems you would like us to support
  • We actively monitor each system, heading off any potential issues before they affect your business
  • We can ensure that your domains are renewed, your security certificates are valid, your software is up to date, and your security remains in place (depending on which services you have asked us to look after).
  • If you need help, our friendly analysts are at the end of the phone, and can fix 90% of problems via our remote systems, or some on-site for that tricky 10%.
  • We visit you regularly to check that you’re happy with your service, and to ensure that we know what your business will need in the future.


Types of systems we support:
  • Mobile and remote access
  • Cloud and connectivity
  • International
  • Communications
  • Infrastructure
  • Contractors
  • Security and anti-virus
  • Backup and disaster Recovery
  • Mobile Device Management
  • And many others


What does it cost?
  • We normally start by auditing your systems to ensure we know as much as possible about your infrastructure, and can make recommendations to address any immediate problems

We cost manage services on the most appropriate basis for your business – this could be hours per month, number of users supported, or types of service you would like us to look after.

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