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IT Consultancy

Senior expertise when you need it most

When it comes to our Consultancy Services, these are designed with one core goal in mind: to provide the strategic oversight, operational planning and board level advice typically delivered by an IT Director or Chief Technical Officer – without the cost and commitment of a full time hire.

In effect we offer you a source of senior, experienced insight and guidance, which you can turn on or off depending on what’s needed. As a result you can be confident of knowing that you’re following the right path, consulting with the right level of experience and knowledge, without having to pay 24/7 for the privilege.  

Additionally, if you’re in Birmingham (like us) then you’ll benefit from a locally based service.

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IT consultancy with Tek-nology Solutions: 3 key benefits

  • Identify opportunities to deliver operational efficiencies
  • Build out your capabilities from a detailed strategic plan
  • Keep on top of expenditure, while lowering the cost of delivery

What’s involved?

Our experienced senior consultants hit the ground running. They’ll engage with your board/directors to get a steer on your company’s business goals and the technology support required, before getting to work prioritising work and building a plan for the short and medium term.

  • From a full audit of your IT infrastructure and an in-depth requirements gathering exercise, we’ll get to know your business inside and out
  • Working with your existing source of IT service provision (internal or external), we’ll document every item of IT spend and identify opportunities for reducing cost or working smarter
  • We can also provide high-level strategic oversight for all your technology projects, regardless of how they are being delivered – including analysis, recommendations, and insights into alternate options and emerging technologies

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