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Helpdesk and Support

Helpdesk and Support

Our support service is about keeping your business running smoothly: making sure your systems work for you, that your people are getting the best out of their technology, and that everyone can work without interruptions or downtime.

We focus on three main areas:

Site – your network, your connections to the outside world, your security and protection, your wireless, and your printers and other peripherals

Servers – how you store your data, whether on your own servers in the office or via cloud based services

Users – making sure your workstations, software, tools and devices are the most appropriate for you and work to their highest capacity.

You can raise a new request via email or phone and our response is governed by strict SLAs, which we consistently outperform, and your dedicated account manager meets with you regularly to ensure everything is going smoothly.

In many cases, we liaise with your software vendors on your behalf, removing much of the pain of issue tracking and fixing.

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