How a Leading Law Firm Utilises Check Point Technologies to Secure their Data

Case Study

How a Leading Law Firm Utilises Check Point Technologies to Secure their Data

Case Studies

Theme: Security - various

Vendor: CheckPoint

Location: Across the UK

Company Background

As one of the leading law firms in the UK and Europe, there is a high dependence on secure IT systems.  Tek-nology Solutions has worked with the company over a number of years to deliver a range of security solutions - Check Point’s comprehensive enterprise-level offerings have consistently addressed the firm’s stringent requirements.


The Challenge

There was a need to create a secure, reliable and available network communications link between this organisation’s office sites, serving the South, South West, Midlands and North of England.


The Solutions


Check Point VPN firewalls solve interim MPLS performance issues

The company invested in an MPLS network for internal traffic, connecting office sites and extending the reach of the network across the UK.  MPLS offers the company a high performing network providing efficient, reliable performance, with the flexibility to divert and route traffic.

The company’s internet breakout is now based at their own Midlands’ data centre, following a move from a South East co-located site.

During the development of the network, one of the sites originally suffered from a poor performing MPLS connection.  As an interim solution, a local internet connection, protected by a Check Point firewall, was installed by Tek-nology Solutions, who created a VPN back to the data centre.  More recently, the MPLS connection has been improved and thus the internal traffic from this site once again goes through the MPLS.

Today, the network has grown to a point where inter-site traffic goes across the MPLS network whilst local internet traffic goes through local internet connections per location – avoiding the need for internet traffic to traverse the MPLS network.


Migration from Nokia IP appliances to Check Point UTM firewalls running the GAIA operating system

As a long-standing user of Check Point technologies, and as part of the company’s security roadmap to remain current, Nokia IP appliances have been replaced with Check Point UTM appliances to secure their internet connections.   In addition, Tek-nology Solutions is migrating the software from Nokia’s IPSO and Check Point’s SPLAT to Check Point’s latest software called GAIA, which combines the best features of IPSO and SPLAT.

Check Point Mobile Access solution for remote working

With an increasing number of staff working remotely, and a rise in the use of mobile devices, the company wanted a solution that provided flexible mobile access to corporate resources.   Tek-nology Solutions implemented the Check Point Mobile Access Software Blade, deployed and configured on the existing security gateways.  This solution provides simple, safe and secure connectivity to email, calendar, contacts and corporate applications, via employees’ Smartphones, tablets, PCs or laptops.


Check Point Endpoint Protection

Security of data is paramount for the legal profession.  A driving factor to pursue Endpoint Protection was the need to protect sensitive content held on their employees’ laptops and mobile devices.

As the company’s existing software virus protection was slowing IT equipment and infections were still manifesting themselves, Tek-nology Solutions has implemented Check Point’s End Point Protection.  This has provided the company with:

  • Full Disk Encryption
  • Media Encryption
  • AntiMalware and Program Control
  • Firewall and Compliance Check
  • Remote Access VPN


Check Point Intrusion Prevention

As part of the company’s firewall solution, an additional Check Point ‘Intrusion Prevention Service’ subscription provides complete and pro-active IPS security with comprehensive network protection against malicious and unwanted network traffic – malware attacks, DoS and DDoS attacks, application and server vulnerabilities, insider threats and unwanted application traffic.  

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