Aruba Networks Enterprise WiFi addresses Theatre Company’s Growing WiFi Mobility Demands

Case Study

Aruba Networks Enterprise WiFi addresses Theatre Company’s Growing WiFi Mobility Demands

Case Studies

Theme: Wireless Networking

Vendor: Aruba Networks

Location: West Midlands

Company Background

As one of Britain’s leading theatre companies and a springboard for many internationally acclaimed actors, designers and directors, our client is on an exciting journey, returning back to its former home, following a long-term renovation.


The Challenge

With an existing WiFi infrastructure that was limited in capability and confined to a few designated areas within the building, the theatre company faced the challenge of providing enhanced WiFi access to meet the requirements of:

  • Visitors to the site, including suppliers and partners, requiring internet access
  • Users of the new conference facilities – potentially supporting several hundred delegates
  • Staff, responding to the growth of BYOD, with an increasing number of handheld mobile devices being used in the workplace

The intention was to extend the capabilities and reach of the theatre company’s WiFi throughout the site, extending to: all office space and the theatre’s front of house areas including the auditoria.


The Solution

With these more demanding requirements, Tek-nology Solutions recommended a business-grade WiFi solution.

Tek-nology Solutions introduced the theatre company to Aruba Networks – a vendor specialising in next-generation network access solutions, whose technology could address the organisation’s multifaceted WiFi requirements.

Wireless connectivity is now provided across the building, integrating with the theatre company’s existing wired infrastructure.


The Result

  • Aruba’s MOVE architecture has unified the theatre’s wired, wireless and remote access infrastructures into one seamless, cohesive network access solution.  It has eliminated redundant services, together with the cost and complexity of managing separate access policies.  Privileges are now linked to each user’s context – providing consistent, secure access to the theatre company’s network resources based on who users are – no matter when and where they are, what devices they are using, or how they are connected.

  • Aruba’s ClearPass Access Management System provides a simpler way in the future for the theatre company to control and rollout BYOD through one single platform.

  • IT can manage network policies, onboard and manage devices, admit guest users, assess device health – even secure, distribute and manage work applications. 

  • ClearPass Onboard can automate many previous manually undertaken time consuming tasks.  For example, employees can securely onboard their own devices and provision network access for their own guests. 

  • Multiple parties gain WiFi access through the same set of Access Points plugged into one physical network.  This prevents the need to establish separate Access Points for each theatre company user group. 
  • Aruba ClientMatch™ technology eliminates sticky clients by continuously gathering session performance metrics from mobile devices and uses this information to intelligently steer each one to the closest Access Point and best radio on the WLAN.

  • Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) technology ensures in real time Aruba Access Points stay clear of interference – minimising contention, improving airtime fairness – resulting in a more reliable, higher performance WLAN.

  • Integrated wireless security identifies and mitigates wireless threats and intrusions by rogue devices.
  • Users are able to move around the theatre’s site with their mobile devices without having to re-authenticate when they move location – secure and consistent access is maintained through Aruba Network’s Mobile Edge Architecture.  If one Access Point fails, the ones around ‘power up’ and take on the role of the failed one.
  • The optional Airwave Management Suite offers the most efficient and effective way to ensure high service levels.  Aruba’s real-time heat maps, ability to track where a wireless device has been over a period of hours, and remote packet capture, allow help desk professionals to rapidly resolve trouble tickets remotely.


In Summary

Tek-nology Solutions’ implementation of the Aruba Network solution has enabled the theatre company to address their requirements for a more extensive WiFi network that offers greater capacity, security, manageability, and is delivered through a superior WiFi infrastructure.

The result is a network infrastructure that saves IT time, reduces capital and operating expenses, speeds-up service delivery, and provides every user with the highest quality mobility experience.

End-to-end visibility and control now simplifies the management of the theatre company’s mobile users.


*Aruba Networks is a ‘leader’ in in Garner Inc.’s ‘Magic Quadrant for the Wired and Wireless LAN Infrastructure’ report.


Key Vendors/Technologies

Aruba Networks:

  • Various Access Point models using Instant OS (thus negating requirement for controller)
  • ClearPass Access Management appliance

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