Tek-nology Solutions enables clients to achieve just minutes if not zero interruption through the implementation of business continuity solutions; addressing the risks associated with single points of failure that can result in downtime of hours or even days.

Disaster recovery is concerned with planning how to restore your business functions and services that are dependent on an IT platform following its failure. The fact remains that your business may be interrupted for a period of hours or even days.
Business continuity is about ensuring that IT platform failure results in just minutes if not zero business interruption.


Depending on your choice of server and storage equipment, we have several business continuity solutions available:


Double-Take Availability

Typically used to replicate one or more source servers to one or more secondary servers.  In the event of a failure of a source server, the secondary server can take on the roles and the services of the failed server – bringing business interruption down to seconds or minutes. Read more >>

Microsoft Hyper V

Used in a virtual server environment.   With virtual servers, storage can be moved within a Storage Area Network (SAN).  Consequently, if there is a failure of a host server, the virtual servers on the failed host server can simply be brought up on one of the remaining host servers.  Read more >>

SAN-to-SAN Replication

Is concerned with mirroring the data on a primary SAN to a secondary SAN.  This can be achieved in real time (Network RAID) or at set times known as ‘replication windows’.  This protects your business from a physical failure of either the primary or secondary SAN.  Read more >>