Ensuring Business Continuity


Avoiding downtime is a high priority – it is a cost to your business.  Our solutions aim to maximise the availability of your key IT systems.


Disaster Recovery is traditionally synonymous with business continuity – Tek-nology Solutions has, over the years, recovered several companies failed IT systems when their own IT departments and/or suppliers have been unable to. We minimise interruption to your business by restoring full operations as quickly and as efficiently as possible.


Organisations today depend on the availability of key systems.  Today we work with our clients to develop Business Continuity solutions that ensure minimal interruption (minutes as opposed to hours or days) in the event of failure of key business systems.


We ask the questions to identify your needs – and have the expertise to address these needs, working with you to introduce resilient, Highly Available solutions. We help to locate and address potential single points of failure (within your IT infrastructure), reducing interruption and minimising your business downtime.

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