Headquartered in California, Websense is a global leader in unified web security, email security, mobile security, and data loss prevention (DLP), delivers the best content security for modern threats at the lowest total cost of ownership to tens of thousands of enterprise, mid-market and small organisations around the world.


Websense content security solutions help organisations leverage social media and cloud-based communication, while protecting from advanced persistent threats and modern malware, preventing the loss of confidential information, and enforcing internet use and security policies.



Web Security

Targeted attacks and data theft are changing web security. Blocking threats is no longer enough. You need to know who in your organisation is being targeted. How attacks infect your systems. Where command-and-control malware is calling home. And what data your attackers are going after.


Email Security

It’s time to take a new look at email security. Many of today’s biggest security compromises start with a simple email attack that exploits Web vulnerabilities. In fact, more than 92% of unwanted emails contain links, often to sites designed for malicious purposes.  To defend against today’s email threats, you need to have web and data security intelligence too.


Data Security (DLP)

If you've got data, you've got problems. No one needs to tell you that customer names, credit card numbers, and transaction records must be protected. But they tell you anyway. Regulations require that you protect sensitive information, and compliance is getting even tougher with the proliferation of cloud, social, and mobile platforms. In short — it's tough to stay on top of data security and compliance.


Mobile Security

When your data goes mobile your risk goes up. Today's most serious security threats blend email and web attacks to snag sensitive data. When you add mobile devices with cloud-based apps and free access to social sites, your security risks can skyrocket. Websense TRITON Mobile Security is the only cloud security solution that extends your existing security policies to mobile devices to help secure your data, reduce your risk, and enable your business — wherever you and your employees go.