Business Continuity, High Availability

Disaster recovery, business continuity, high availability and resilience are phrases commonly used.


Disaster recovery is concerned with planning how to restore your business functions and services that are dependent on an IT platform following its failure.  The fact remains that your business may be interrupted for a period of hours, days or more.


Business continuity is about ensuring no or minimal (minutes) business disruption following the failure of a single component of an IT platform.  This is achieved by making your business functions and services highly available by introducing resilience into your IT platform ensuring there are no single points of failure.


Business continuity and high availability of your data storage involves replicating this data whether it be stored in a SAN or Direct Attached Storage (DAS) within a server:


SAN-to-SAN replication is concerned with mirroring the data on a primary SAN to a secondary SAN.  This can be achieved in real time or at set times known as ‘replication windows’.  This protects your business from a physical failure of either the primary or secondary SAN. 


Server-to-server replication is concerned with mirroring the data from one server to another. 


Georedundancy further protects your business by ensuring the primary and secondary SANs (or servers) are at separate locations thus ensuring your business operations are not dependent on a single location.


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