Perimeter Security

Every organisation has a network perimeter – where their network ends and the internet begins. Thanks to VPN and wireless technology, this boundary can seem fuzzy. Without adequate security, you risk losing money, productivity and confidential data.


Perimeter security enables you to control access to network applications, data, and services from external locations, so only authorised users can access your network.


Crossing your network perimeter through VPN access

A Secure Sockets Layer-based Virtual Private Network (SSL-VPN) allows applications and private network resources to be accessed remotely through a secure connection.  Using SSL-VPN, mobile workers, business associates, and customers can access files or applications on a company's extranet or within a private local area network, using the SSL function that is already built into a modern web browser.


Crossing your network perimeter through Wireless access

Wireless security solutions include:  identity-based security;  device intelligence, called ‘device fingerprinting’ that provides IT departments with mobile device access control enabling Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) to be embraced; end-to-end visibility and control simplifying the management of mobile users; and allow users to roam with their mobile devices without having to re-authenticate when they move location.


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