Proof of Concept

Tek-nology Solutions’ professional services include ‘Proof of Concept’ (POC) testing. This provides you with the opportunity to evaluate whether a particular solution is right for your organisation by piloting the technology before it is fully deployed. Prior to committing to the full project costs, you can ‘see the solution for yourself’ to assess its suitability.


For example, a key benefit of virtual server platforms is the ability to introduce test servers and applications into that environment, without the need to purchase additional hardware.  Combined with trial software, this provides the opportunity to assess the suitability of a service for your organisation.  The only charge at this stage is the cost of Tek-nology Solutions’ professional services.  If the application being tested meets your needs, investment can then be made with the purchase of the appropriate licences and full production server.


NB: There are other ways Tek-nology Solutions can deliver a Proof of Concept project – using virtualisation is just one example.

Professional Services