Disaster Recovery

Have your formalised your Disaster Recovery Plan?

Disaster Recovery (DR), is the process, policies and procedures that prepare for the recovery or continuation of technology infrastructure, critical to an organisation, in the event a disruption whether natural or a human-induced disaster from: viruses, security breaches, hardware failures and data corruption to the more extreme events of fire, flooding.


Disaster Recovery is a subset of business continuity and focuses on the recovery of IT or technology systems that support business functions.  This may include: restoring IT operations at an alternate location, using alternative equipment or manual methods.


Let Tek-nology Solutions take you one step further to help you pro-actively formalise your IT contingency plan.  In the long term, in the event of a disruption/disaster, this will:


  • Minimise the financial impact on your business
  • Minimise confidence loss in your organisation
  • Overcome disruptions more effectively
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