With the prolific growth of mobility in the workforce, users are demanding anytime, anywhere access to computing capability and corporate applications through a diverse array of devices, connections and applications.


With a diverse array of devices, connections and applications, there is a challenge to effectively deploy and manage mobility in your workforce.


The Consumerisation of IT

Traditional IT boundaries are being extended as Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) are increasingly being used to access back-office systems as employees demand more functionality and access to the information and resources that they need.


  • Is mobile management a key component of your strategy?
  • Can you leverage this anytime, anywhere access to data as a competitive advantage?
  • What tools, processes and policies have you put in place to deploy, secure and manage applications?
  • Do you have a unified access network architecture that is optimised?


Mobility services include:


  • Authentication
  • Authorisation
  • Policy Definition and enforcement


Unifying wired, wireless and remote access infrastructures into one, cohesive network access solution:


  • Eliminates redundant services, together with the cost and complexity of managing separate access policies, to provide capital and operational cost savings. 
  • Identity-based security can be assigned across wired and wireless.
  • Access privileges can be linked to a user’s context
  • Device fingerprinting provides IT departments with mobile device access control enabling BYOD to be embraced.
  • Users are able to roam with their mobile devices without having to re-authenticate when they move location.   


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