Scheduler & Technical Administrator

Scheduler & Technical Administrator

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Job Title Scheduler & Technical Administrator
Salary circa £25k
Hours Mon-Fri, 37.5 hours per week
Reports to Gareth Collins, Technical Manager


Established in 1999, today we are a leading Managed Service Provider based in the Midlands with a UK wide client base.  Using our ‘Business first, Technology second’ approach, we develop and deliver a strategic IT plan aligned to our clients’ goals and objectives.  Our solutions include:

  • Strategic IT and technology roadmap planning
  • IT Support—fully outsourced IT department or 3rd line provision only
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Server and Cloud Migrations
  • Cloud Backup and Cyber Security
  • Internet and Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Cloud Telephony
  • Office 365 and Azure
  • Preventative and Proactive Maintenance

Our diverse client base includes organisations with 50 to 500+ employees, turnovers from £5m to £100m+, and industries including: arts, automotive, banking, brewing, charity, construction, defence, education, engineering, financial services, food processing, software development, legal, leisure, local government, manufacturing and tourism.


Recent feedback given in a Net Promoter Score survey:
"Each member of the team is always very courteous and takes the time to understand the problem.
 ...not only were they able to offer knowledge and experience that is second to none, they actually cared."

The focus of this role is to schedule support rotas, assist with project related logistics, and undertake technical administration.  The roles includes:

  • Planning and setting the support rotas.
  • Managing the logistics of getting kit to the right site and on-time.
  • Managing the logistics of scheduling resource to install PCs, laptops, printers and other similar equipment at client sites
  • Obtaining supplier quotations and pricing
  • Preparing Bill of Materials and client quotations
  • Emailing of quotations to clients and following up the regular and smaller quotations
  • Helping build customer loyalty through adopting our 'The client is king' culture.

In addition, you may be required to carry out additional or alternative tasks as may from time to time reasonably be required of you.

This is a full-time role where you will work remotely from home.

Information Technology

  • Minimum of 2-years experience working in a similar role, gained working for an MSP or IT reseller.
  • You will be comfortable using: Outlook, Word, Excel, SharePoint, OneDrive and CRM software.


Customer Service

  • Focus on providing excellent customer service by having the ability to constantly and consistently exceed the Client’s expectations.
  • Communicate effectively with clients when booking in project work or following up a quotation that has been submitted to a client (routine quotations only).
  • Communicate with colleagues to ensure dissemination of common information between all members of the team.
  • Attend team and individual meetings with Technical Manager.


Integrity and Decision Making Skills

  • Conduct oneself professionally and responsibly, through the decisions that you make, the rationale behind the decision and the resulting actions taken.
  • Use knowledge and expertise to take initiative in determining priority of tasks and when to escalate a matter.


 Teamwork: Co-operation & Helpfulness

  • Work well with all colleagues to achieve a common goal.
  • Be able to handle work relationships by going out of your way to co-operate and help others ease conflicts with task priorities or misunderstandings.


Quality and Productivity

  • Strive to help the team provide a consistent and effective support service ensuring that expectations of the client are met or exceeded.
  • Ability to work accurately and thoroughly.


Responsibility & Time Management

  • Take personal responsibility for your part in delivering the objectives, challenges and opportunities of the business.
  • Ability to effectively use available work time.
  • Be energetic and enthusiastic in planning work in advance so as to avoid delays.
  • Ability to develop logical courses of action and follow through to monitor accomplishment of tasks.


Flexibility, Reliability and Dependability

  • Must be a reliable and dependable individual including punctuality and attendance.
  • Responsibilities, key competencies and values will form the structure of the review and appraisal process, with a view to managing and improving performance, the training, development and salary review.

The ideal Scheduler & Technical Administrator should have the following qualities:

Thoroughness: ensuring calls are recorded, timely resolutions found, and clients are satisfied with the result.

Responsibility: takes ownership of a task through to completion.

Communication: able to communicate with clients and suppliers over the telephone.

Organisation skills: this is a busy role servicing the needs of multiple clients - you will need to be able to organise yourself well.

Work under pressure: Stay positive and be able to handle pressure.

Time management: since you will be responsible for managing resource schedules and booking in small projects with clients, it is important to know how to manage time well. 

Project management: You will need to use project management skills to effectively schedule resource and projects with clients.  You will be an effective planner and able to prioritise tasks.

Persistence: able to pursue a client until projects have been booked in.

Teamwork: you will need to work well with all colleagues to achieve a common goal.

Build and maintain customer loyalty: ensuring clients have positive experiences, through booking projects in a timely manner and projects are delivered on time.

"We're dedicated to building a people-orientated culture where our team can learn, develop, and grow - to be the best version of themselves.  We are looking for A-Players with drive and integrity, that treat every day as a school day, and strive for customer service excellence in an environment where the Client is King."

Your Professional Experience

You are currently employed as a Scheduler & Technical Administrator or similar role at a Managed Service Provider or IT reseller, having worked there for at least a year.  Your combined current and past employment in similar roles totals 2+ years.

You will possess excellent verbal and written communication skills, organise yourself well, work together as a team, take responsibility for the tasks unique to your role, are flexible and adaptable to the needs of the business, plan and set the support rotas, manage the logistics of getting kit to the right site and on-time, manage the logistics of scheduling resource to install PCs, laptops, printers and other similar equipment at client sites, and help build customer loyalty through adopting our 'The client is king' culture.

Your Personal Preferences

You will appreciate being able to work from your home.  You are self-motivated, able to work on multiple tasks, focused on the job in hand, and understand the need to work to deadlines agreed with clients.

You are committed to on-going training and your personal development. 

Your values are likely to include: integrity, honesty, accountability, self-improvement, high quality work, and customer service excellence.

You will want to work in an environment where 'The client is king', where the team strives to deliver customer service excellence; and has a people-oriented culture, where everyone in the business can relate to each other and feel they are treated fairly; where leaders listen and active conversations take place - where everyone feels they are valued and see that they are a vital 'cog' in the wheel that drives the business forward.


Combined with being able to work from home, you will value our flexible attitude to your working hours - you may need to pick up your children from school, attend your children's sports day, or just simply need to walk your dog.

We have quarterly social events enabling you to meet the full team, and we will provide you the equipment and training to enable you to maximise your productivity in your home office.

Mentoring and training

Learning, developing, growing – there’s a reason these three words go together.  You can't have one without the other, they depend on each other.

You will relish the opportunity being mentored and held accountable by your manager, who wants to help you to become the best version of yourself.

Your IT skills

You will be comfortable using:

Outlook, Word, Excel, SharePoint, OneDrive and CRM software.

Our culture and ethos

Our growth strategy is based around 'Making our Client King' - that delivering better customer service than our competitors makes us successful.

Communication makes all the difference: regular communication keeps stress levels down - people need to know what is happening and their expectations need to be managed.

We celebrate individual and team successes.

We are developing a team of 'A Players', ensuring we attract the very best talent.

It is better to make a wrong decision and learn from it, than make no decision at all.

We strive to work smarter, not harder.  This requires continuous learning and development.

We are results driven, not focused on hours worked.

We are building a culture of flexibility, learning, and belonging.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to align technology to our clients' business needs, helping and supporting our clients achieve their own purpose.

We do this using our ‘business first, technology second approach’, and delivering first-class client-focused technical support and project delivery.

Progression and stability

We are a successful business with over 23 years history.

Our relationships with clients are built at the highest levels.  We have extremely low client churn.  We have clients that have been with us since the beginning.

As a small company looking to continue our growth, there are promotion opportunities, all the way to the top.

Dave Graesser founded the business back in 1999, at a time when across the globe governments, businesses, technology companies, software engineers, system analysts, technical engineers, and even the general public were concerned with the Y2K bug, otherwise known as the Millennium Bug.  As a Novell NetWare guru, Dave was being hired by various companies to patch and upgrade their systems to avoid the potential pitfalls of their computer and server systems failing to recognise that as the clocks struck midnight on 1st January 2000, they would be unable to recognise the two-digit year date "00" as "2000", rather than interpreting at "1900".

Initially, the client base grew through referrals - from both clients and suppliers.  Dave's reputation for helping companies get out of the sticky stuff when a core server system had suffered a catastrophic failure was growing.  One example was in December 1999.  Dave took a phone call from the PA to the CEO of one of Lord Jacob Rothschild's organisations.  The PA's father had worked with Dave on a joint project putting in a storage system into Her Majesty's Stationery Office (HMSO) earlier that year.  This particular Rothschild organisation used Novell NetWare for their network and file sharing.  The server had been offline for two weeks.  The incumbent supplier had not been able to recover the NetWare system and were now recommending installing a Microsoft Windows server for about £10k.  Within two hours of the phone call, Dave had packed an overnight bag and was meandering his way up a long rising drive to one of the most impressive stately homes in the UK.  Within a further two hours of being on-site, Dave explained that the server was in a bad way, but that he was able to rebuild it for them.  Over the next two days, Dave had rebuilt and recovered the entire system serving about 75 users at the time - with zero data loss - Dave had been able to recover the data from the server hard drive, and had not needed to restore from a backup.  Over two decades later, we continue to serve the needs of this client.  We know all about the meaning of Lifetime Value.

There have been numerous occasions over the years where a new client has come on-board as a result of Dave and nowadays his team have undertaken the disaster recovery of one or more critical server systems, where either internal IT or incumbent suppliers have failed.  With the advances in technology, business continuity was to become the priority for clients who had mission critical systems - where single points of failure are identified and are addressed with redundancy based systems, i.e. the replication of critical components or functions.  In 2005, we were installing redundant server pairs using a solution called DoubleTake - which in real-time would replicate data written to the primary server to a secondary server, which may be located in a DR room or even another site.  In the event the primary server suffered a failure, a manual or auto-switchover to the secondary server would take place, minimising business interrupt to minutes or at best offer a seamless switchover to users.

A few years later, with the rise in server virtualisation, we were designing and installing dynamic infrastructure that would pool resources, provide flexible capacity, and allow us to move virtual servers from one host server to another, to facilitate planned maintenance or respond to a system failure, helping to minimise business interruption.

We partner with a diverse client base encompassing the public, private and voluntary sectors.  Our core clients comprise of UK businesses, most with multiple locations, some of which have offices and factories across the globe; employing 50 to 500+ employees, with turnovers from £5m to over £100m.  We have experience working with clients in numerous industries including:  Accounting, Arts, Automotive, Banking, Brewery, Charity, Construction, Defence, Education, Engineering, Financial Services, Food Processing, Games Software development, Legal, Leisure, Local Government, Manufacturing and Tourism.

In 2008, we acquired Birmingham Arts IT and incorporated clients and staff into our business.  This was the start of our journey to becoming the fully-fledged Managed Service Provider that we are today, resulting in many clients outsourcing their entire IT function to us, where we strive to provide exceptional support.  We also partner with clients who have their own internal IT department, providing 3rd line support for their entire cloud, server and network infrastructure.  In 2009, we acquired Presence Security Solutions, further enhancing our security knowledge.  Our Security clients typically use us for 3rd line support, giving them access to very specific and specialist knowledge.

In 2016, Dave handed the day-to-day running of the business over to his senior management team.  This allowed him to take a 6-year sabbatical from the business.  Now it is 2022, and Dave has returned to take an active role in the business once again.  Dave has a vision for the business - and is looking to grow and develop a team of A-Players to help him realise that vision.

Given that Dave as founder of Tek-nology Solutions came from a technical background, it will be no surprise to you that our business has a first class reputation for technical ability and that we have an excellent reputation with regards to our customer service.  Dave now wants to take the business to the next level, and is driving a new growth programme throughout the business.

At the heart of Dave's vision is the mantra 'The Client is King'.  While we have an excellent customer service reputation, we know we can do better.  We are using tools such as the Net Promoter Score to help us achieve this vision - we are continuously seeking constructive feedback to help us identify where we can do better - helping us direct our efforts to the right areas.  We are creating additional roles and undertaking a recruitment programme throughout 2022.

We have a loyal team including some staff that have been with us for over a decade.  Again, while we get a lot right, we know we can do better.  We are building a people-orientated culture, one of flexibility, learning, and belonging.  We are results driven, not focused on hours worked.  We celebrate individual and team successes.

Our purpose
  • To align technology to our clients' business needs, helping and supporting our clients achieve their own purpose.
  • We do this using our ‘Your Goals, Our Solutions’ approach and deliver exceptional support and project delivery.