New Business Development Manager

New Business Development Manager

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Job Title New Business Development Manager
Salary circa £45k
Benefits include Flexible working hours, work from home, social events, mentoring, promotion opportunities, A-Player environment, people-centric culture
Hours Mon-Fri, 37.5 hours per week
Reports to Dave Graesser, company chairman.  Dave's LinkedIn Profile
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Established in 1999, today we are a leading Managed Service Provider based in the Midlands with a UK wide client base.  Using our ‘Business first, Technology second’ approach, we develop and deliver a strategic IT plan aligned to our clients’ goals and objectives.  Our solutions include:

  • Strategic IT and technology roadmap planning
  • IT Support—fully outsourced IT department or 3rd line provision only
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Server and Cloud Migrations
  • Cloud Backup and Cyber Security
  • Internet and Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Cloud Telephony
  • Office 365 and Azure
  • Preventative and Proactive Maintenance

Our diverse client base includes organisations with 50 to 500+ employees, turnovers from £5m to £100m+, and industries including: arts, automotive, banking, brewing, charity, construction, defence, education, engineering, financial services, food processing, software development, legal, leisure, local government, manufacturing and tourism.


Recent feedback given in a Net Promoter Score survey:
"Each member of the team is always very courteous and takes the time to understand the problem.
 ...not only were they able to offer knowledge and experience that is second to none, they actually cared."

You will play a vital role in finding new clients and potential opportunities for our products and services, looking to identify and establish relationships at Board and senior management level.  You will:

  • Research prospective leads.
  • Generate prospects through cold calling, cold emails and social media.
  • Match opportunities to our products and services.
  • Elevate our competitive positioning.
  • Form strategic relationships to generate referrals.
  • Establish a prospect's business needs, objectives, decision makers, budget, and desired timescales for implementing solutions.

The following will either be done by you or referred to the Sales Account Manager to undertake:

  • Identify technology based solutions consisting of products and services that address the needs and objectives established in the prior step.
  • Prepare and present solutions to prospective clients in the form of proposals and or quotations that are written in plain business language appropriate for the intended audience.
  • Identify and resolve objections.
  • Close proposals and quotations.
  • Ensure order paperwork is completed and signed correctly.
  • Liaise with the technical director as appropriate throughout the sales cycle, including writing and providing a clear project brief as part of handing a project over to the technical department for fulfilment.
  • You (or the Sales Account Manager) will follow up delivered projects with clients, seeking feedback, and ensuring agreed project objectives have been met.

As New Business Development Manager, you are responsible for driving business and increasing our revenue, identifying and developing new business opportunities, and building and expanding the presence of our company and our brand.

You will identify and secure opportunities with prospective clients and focus on overall business growth.  Your focus primarily centres around developing short and long term connections with business leads.  You will create market strategies, develop and maintain new relationships with prospective clients, conduct periodic market research and analysis, train other business development staff in the business, and attend conferences and events on behalf of the business.

You will show prospective clients the value they can benefit from through investing in solutions that typically comprise of products and services in our core portfolio.  Where a solution or part of a solution comprises of products and or services that do not form part of our core portfolio, you will present these additional products and or services to management, so that the business can assess their merits and suitability.

You will ensure the CRM system is up to date.  You will maintain a leads and opportunities pipeline within our CRM system tracking potential opportunities.  You will stay updated with the latest trends and technologies that can help prospective clients' businesses, to help you make excellent recommendations to these prospective clients.  You should have a goal-orientated mindset, able to divide your goals and tasks into smaller targets and individual goals that you can easily achieve.  You will also work with our company chairman and technical director as a team to strategise and develop a plan to help you achieve your objectives and targets.

In your role, you are likely to learn about and have shared with you, sensitive and or confidential information relating to our business and that of our clients.  You are required to keep this information from our competitors and other third-parties, and establish trust between you, our business and prospective clients.

This is a full-time role where you will work remotely from home.  You will need to attend meetings with management, the technical director, and of course prospective clients.  These may be in person or via Teams for example.  You may occasionally need to meet clients or attend meetings outside of normal working hours.

Other requirements

Full UK driving license.

The Ideal New Business Development Manager should have the following qualities:

Communication: this role demands excellent verbal and written communication skills - and building and maintaining long-term relationships based on trust and transparency.

Active listener: where you pay full attention when people are speaking to you, so that you can thoroughly understand the message before responding appropriately.  You should be able to effectively interpret both verbal and nonverbal signs, including tone of voice, body language and eye movements to better understand the intent of the speaker before replying.

Understands prospective clients' needs: having gained a prospective client's trust, you will have an in-depth understanding of their business.  You should know aspects that make the prospective client's businesses unique, including their history, and customers; their current IT infrastructure and systems; their business challenges, objectives and goals; and be able to find and present solutions aligned to their business needs.

Commercial awareness: you will need to have a good knowledge of business and commerce generally, so that you can relate to prospective clients at Board level, and align solutions to their business needs.

Knowledge of our products and services: You will possess and maintain a comprehensive knowledge of our products and services that form the solutions presented to prospective clients.  You will need to be able to express this knowledge confidently when presenting solutions to prospective clients - both verbally and in writing - aligning business benefits to prospective clients' businesses.

Organisation skills: you will need to be able to organise yourself well.

Time management: since time is a valuable asset when it comes to sales, it is important to know how to manage time well.  You will be an effective planner, prioritise tasks, be able to say no, able to delegate less critical tasks, and be self-disciplined.

Negotiation: you should be able to negotiate with prospective clients and suppliers to understand if you can get a good deal.  To succeed in negotiations, you need to think creatively, understand the needs of others and prioritise the goals of the potential contract.

Marketing: you will promote our company and engage with others who might be interested in partnerships.  You should understand the basic principles of marketing and apply them in your business development role.  The ability to develop and promote our brand is crucial.  You should be experienced in email marketing, social media management and engagement, and writing cold-emails and other outreach correspondence.

Business intelligence: you will gain a thorough understanding of the market our business works in, through performing research, collecting data, and learning more about our target markets.

Analysing ROI data: We will want to measure our return on our investments (ROI) and therefore you should be able to report on successes and areas for improvement.  You will need to clearly state what you have done, how much it costs in quantities such as time and money, and what benefits to the company your actions have had.  Metrics may include revenue generated, number of deals produced through partnerships, and their influence on the sales pipeline.

Project management: you need to be able to manage many aspects to be a successful business developer.  You will need to use project management skills to effectively handle leads, monitor prospects, time correspondence and set development goals.

Public speaking: it is important that you know how to create and deliver an impactful sales pitch during prospective client meetings.

"We're dedicated to building a people-orientated culture where our team can learn, develop, and grow - to be the best version of themselves.  We are looking for A-Players with drive and integrity, that treat every day as a school day, and strive for customer service excellence in an environment where the Client is King."

Your Professional Experience

You are currently employed as a New Business Development Manager or similar role at a Managed Service Provider or IT reseller, having worked there for at least two years.  Your combined current and past employment in similar roles totals 5+ years.

It is desirable, but not essential, that you possess product knowledge of Office 365, Windows Server, Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams - and your security product knowledge is likely to include firewalls, data security, web security, email security, cyber essentials, and corporate anti-virus.

You will possess excellent verbal and written communication skills - and be experienced in building and maintaining long-term relationships based on trust and transparency.  You will be an active listener, seek an in-depth understanding of a client's business, have a good knowledge of business and commerce, possess and maintain a comprehensive knowledge of products and services, express this knowledge confidently when presenting solutions, organise yourself well, manage your time, negotiate with clients and suppliers, promote our company and engage with others who might be interested in partnerships, understand the basic principles of marketing and apply them in your business development role, project manage many aspects to be a successful business developer, create and deliver an impactful sales pitch during client meetings, pursue a sale to a conclusion, and able to mentally overcome the difficulties of failing to close a sale.

Your Personal Preferences

You will appreciate being able to work from your home.  Being self-motivated, driven and focused, and able to meet and exceed your targets, you prefer to function without constant supervision.  You are committed to on-going training and your personal development.

Your values are likely to include: integrity, honesty, accountability, self-improvement, high quality work, and customer service excellence.

You will want to work in an environment where 'The client is king', where the team strives to deliver customer service excellence; and has a people-oriented culture, where everyone in the business can relate to each other and feel they are treated fairly; where leaders listen and active conversations take place - where everyone feels they are valued and see that they are a vital 'cog' in the wheel that drives the business forward.


Combined with being able to work from home, you will value our flexible attitude to your working hours - you may need to pick up your children from school, attend your children's sports day, or just simply need to walk your dog.  We are focused on results, not the hours you work.

We have quarterly social events enabling you to meet the full team, and we will provide you the equipment and training to enable you to maximise your productivity in your home office.

Outside of work, perhaps you play or watch sport, are looking for that next adrenaline based adventure, or like travelling to new places and exploring new cultures.

Mentoring and training

Learning, developing, growing – there’s a reason these three words go together.  You can't have one without the other, they depend on each other.

You will relish the opportunity being mentored and held accountable by your manager, who wants to help you to become the best version of yourself, and help you achieve your own personal goals.

Our chairman places a high value on coaching.  Our growth capacity is directly linked to our openness to learning.  Every day is a school day.  The chairman will be coaching and mentoring those that report into him, including this role.

Your IT skills

It is essential that you have good knowledge of using productivity software including Word, Excel and Outlook.  It is desirable that you have good knowledge of using SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams.

Our culture and ethos

Our growth strategy is based around 'Making our Client King' - that delivering better customer service than our competitors makes us successful.

Communication makes all the difference: regular communication keeps stress levels down - people need to know what is happening and their expectations need to be managed.

We celebrate individual and team successes.

We are developing a team of 'A Players', ensuring we attract the very best talent.

It is better to make a wrong decision and learn from it, than make no decision at all.

We strive to work smarter, not harder.  This requires continuous learning and development.

We are results driven, not focused on hours worked.

We are building a culture of flexibility, learning, and belonging.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to align technology to our clients' business needs, helping and supporting our clients achieve their own purpose.

We do this using our ‘business first, technology second approach’, and delivering first-class client-focused technical support and project delivery.

Progression and stability

We are a successful business with over 23 years history.

Our relationships with clients are built at the highest levels.  We have extremely low client churn.  We have clients that have been with us since the beginning.

As a small company looking to continue our growth, there are promotion opportunities, all the way to the top.

Given that Dave as founder of Tek-nology Solutions came from a technical background, it will be no surprise to you that our business has a first class reputation for technical ability and that we have an excellent reputation with regards to our customer service.  Dave now wants to take the business to the next level, and is driving a new growth programme throughout the business.

At the heart of Dave's vision is the mantra 'The Client is King'.  While we have an excellent customer service reputation, we know we can do better.  We are using tools such as the Net Promoter Score to help us achieve this vision - we are continuously seeking constructive feedback to help us identify where we can do better - helping us direct our efforts to the right areas.  We are creating additional roles and undertaking a recruitment programme throughout 2022.

We have a loyal team including some staff that have been with us for over a decade.  Again, while we get a lot right, we know we can do better.  We are building a people-orientated culture, one of flexibility, learning, and belonging.  We are results driven, not focused on hours worked.  We celebrate individual and team successes.

Our purpose
  • To align technology to our clients' business needs, helping and supporting our clients achieve their own purpose.
  • We do this using our ‘Your Goals, Our Solutions’ approach and deliver exceptional support and project delivery.