Security Appraisal

In June 2011, a US study by the Ponemon Institute, found that 90% of 583 businesses interviewed had been hit by at least one IT security breach in the past 12 months, with 59%, citing two or more breaches in that period.


Protecting your business against the risk of viruses, unauthorised data access, uncontrolled e-mail correspondence, data manipulation and misuse of access to the internet requires, as a minimum, a solid, integrated security strategy that addresses both internal and external threats. This does not guarantee 100% protection but is a significant step towards fending security threats.


Furthermore, as cyber criminals enhance their reach, the need for a solid strategy becomes increasingly important.  We have all witnessed high profile cases of data breaches and targeted attacks. 


With the move towards cloud computing and data centre adoption, the way IT infrastructure is deployed is changing.  This too, introduces a host of new risks and security considerations.


With a growing trend of a remote workforce, in addition to the increasing number of employees using personal devices at work, the need to protect data to adapt to the changing landscape brings about additional security challenges. Sensitive data, previously protected behind a firewall, is now being accessed remotely and ported onto external storage devices which are open to an increasing range of security breaches.


The internal activity of employees needs to be monitored and policed. Threats to your organisation will exist within your own boundaries. What policies have you implemented to ensure your systems are not being compromised?  How do you manage the process of system updates to ensure you are protected from the latest security exploit?


Tek-nology Solutions can assess how exposed your IT systems are as part of a comprehensive security appraisal, recommending solutions to implement to more effectively address your organisation’s points of potential weakness.